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– Family And Domestic Violence GA

Family and Domestic Violence GA

Family and domestic violence GA is any behavior that’s violent, controlling, threatening, or intended to scare you and your family, making you feel unsafe. If someone who has a close personal relationship with you makes you feel afraid, unsafe, or powerless, then that is family/domestic violence Alpharetta. It can be physical, emotional, or psychological.

Family And Domestic Violence GADisagreements about various things from time to time are a normal part of a healthy relationship, and even most people in intimate relationships do disagree. Both parties can have different points of view or concerns, and therefore, they should feel comfortable putting them forward and discussing them together.

To develop a healthy relationship, both parties should treat each other as equals and be willing to compromise when seeking solutions to overcome their problems. However, the situation is very different in a relationship where there is family or domestic violence. One person uses abuse and/or violence in a relationship to control the other person through fear.

The victims feel threatened – too scared to disagree or express their opinions, or too frightened to argue back. The perpetrators gain power over the victims. In most cases, the victims of family and domestic violence Alpharetta are female.

Generally, women affected by family and domestic violence GA don’t enter a relationship thinking it’ll become violent at some point. Although women often believe that making a long-term relationship commitment through marriage or moving in together despite facing abuse will put a stop to his extreme possessiveness or jealousy. Sometimes, such a decision comes to haunt them later. On some occasions, fear drives women to enter long-term commitments, as they’re concerned about their safety consequences or those of others if they don’t.

The physical and sexual violence in many abusive relationships doesn’t happen until after the relationship is well established. For most women, they experience physical violence for the first time during pregnancy.

The initial behavior of the perpetrators of abuse and violence of being very controlling and dominating over their partner can confuse victims. A woman may mistakenly interpret it as jealousy or consider it a compliment or a sign of love for her.

In some cases, victims may still face family and domestic violence Alpharetta long after their relationship has ended. These acts of violence or abuse often make the victims feel fearful, powerless, and unsafe.

Family and domestic violence GA isn’t restricted to any particular racial, cultural, or socio-economic groups. It can occur in a range of domestic relationships, including:

  • Family relationships
  • Intimate personal relationships
  • Spousal relationships
  • Informal care relationships

Family and domestic violence GA is a gender issue, and the context of social structure and inequality between men and women forms the understanding of this societal problem. Focusing on the dynamics of individual relationships will be misleading.

The norms in our society where men believe they’re superior to women and that it’s their innate right to dominate causes violence towards women. The elements of this culture of violence include sex-role stereotypes, cultural traditions that devalue women, and homophobic attitudes among men.

Do not suffer in silence when experiencing violence or abuse because it isn’t your fault. Family and domestic violence is a crime, and therefore, you should contact an Alpharetta family law attorney today to hold the abuser accountable for his despicable actions.

We will help you explore your legal options to seek justice and compensation (if necessary) for you. The perpetrators of family and domestic violence must be held accountable because they’re breaking the law. No one should violate your rights and freedom. If you’re a victim, call us today at 678-389-8581!

What Are My Legal Options?

If you’re a victim of family or domestic violence GA, our family law attorney Alpharetta can help you explore several options available to you so that you get protection from the legal system.

  • Obtain a protection order– Requesting and obtaining a protection order, otherwise known as a “restraining order,” is the first and most commonly pursued option for victims of family/domestic violence. Initially, you can request the court to grant you a temporary restraining order for temporary protection as your case progresses. Once the case is finalized, the court can make a permanent restraining order.
  • Request sole custody– It is essential to protect your children from a domestic abuser as well if he or she is a parent. Therefore, your attorney can help you to obtain a temporarily request for sole custody of your children from a family court. You can make this request to custody permanent during your case, which will severely limit the other parent’s opportunity to further abuse, thus protecting your children from physical and emotional harm.
  • Separate yourself permanently– If you are in any relationship with an abuser, whether a domestic partnership, marriage, or cohabitation, cutting the legal ties of your relationship to protect yourself in the future is the most important thing you should do.

You can count on our experienced, reputable, and professional family law attorney Georgia to help you with this process of seeking justice. We will offer you a robust and unwavering representation to protect and defend your rights.

Protecting Victims of Abuse

Family And Domestic Violence GAOur lawyers are committed to asserting your rights. If you or a loved one is in danger, we will take legal action on your behalf to prevent future abuse or violence. Whether you have been a victim throughout your relationship or the abuse involves a divorce proceeding, we will work with you to ensure you and your children get protection from domestic violence from the court, including protection while you are in court.

In some situations, a spouse may injure the other severely, and therefore, we may claim compensation for you.

Domestic Violence Defense

If someone comes up with false accusations of family or domestic violence against you, you can count on our family law attorneys Alpharetta to help you defend yourself against the finalization of a temporary restraining order (TRO).

Without the help of a lawyer, you risk losing custody, any weapons you own, your professional license, and even access to your home. Moreover, any violation of a restraining order may even subject you to possible jail time.

Being the subject of TRO can pose a significant challenge to you. It’s essential to discuss your situation with a family law attorney as soon as possible. The Thomann Law Firm can help you.

Give us a call at 678-389-8581 or contact us online to speak with an experienced family and domestic violence lawyer.

Family And Domestic Violence GA


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